About Me

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world and help in some way. I started my career working as an environmental scientist for the state of California. I never expected to be a healer or teacher, but I am an explorer at heart, especially of my own inner world, and the path of my own healing and expansion has brought me here. I am proof that incredible transformation is possible. I know it because I've lived it - overcoming childhood trauma, discovering my gifts and passions, and living a life full of joy, fulfillment, and inspiration, beyond anything that I had ever imagined for myself. 

I am still doing my part to make a difference, and having so much more fun than ever before. I understand now that the world is a reflection of our collective consciousness, and by healing ourselves and being truly present in our lives, we are healing each other and the planet.


My professional background

After leaving my state job and undertaking an intensive 7 year self healing journey, I opened a private practice in Arcata, California, where I did in-person energy healing work, along with hypnotherapy and somatic counseling. 

I have been influenced by many teachers along with my personal experiences. Yoga and meditation have been my best friends for decades. Nature is my favorite medicine, and plants are important sources of healing for me. I am a trained yoga teacher, Reiki master, Alchemical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and also have training in Somatic Experiencing. I've studied with clairvoyant Marie Manuncheri, as well as shamanic practitioners Sandra Ingerman and Heather O'Connell. Recently, I have been nurturing my creativity with musician and teacher Marya Stark. 

I love living intuitively, and much of my teaching comes through information I receive from inner and higher guidance. In my early 30s I began opening up my awareness to the sprit realm, and ever since then it has been an increasing source of joy, fascination and comfort for me. I feel very blessed to be able to share the wisdom I receive from spirit with my clients and students. 

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