Energy Work


Energy is the basis for all things. Both science and ancient spiritual wisdom tell us this. What we see in physical form is a manifestation of sub-atomic particles of energy, vibrating in different patterns. We, ourselves, are no exception. 

Our energetic foundation can be experienced in the form of thoughts, emotions, and the electrical signals we use to operate our muscles and every other part of our body. Energy moves at the speed of light – it is light! And therefore can change very quickly, just like your thoughts and emotions and the speed at which your hand and fingers move to pick up an object. You don't have to think about how to move each muscle to pick it up, it just happens effortlessly.

Working on the energetic body as opposed to just the dense physical body has many advantages. Not only does positive change happen quickly, it is easeful for everyone involved because it works with the natural creative flow of the universe – from the blueprint and then to the physical structure. This taps into the flow of the body's amazing ability to heal and harmonize from the inside out, just the way we were formed – from a single-celled zygote with our DNA blueprints into the beautiful people we are today. 

Starting on the outside and working inward is more difficult – it requires more time, energy, and consistent effort. Maybe you have noticed this after getting a deep-tissue massage. Although definitely beneficial (and can feel great!) the massage therapist has to use a lot of force to manipulate your body and the changes in your mental and physical state do not last unless you continue to get massages every week and/or make a consistent effort to change your habits. 

This is because your habitual ways of moving your body, your posture, and your overall health are directly related to your thoughts and emotions. When we feel scared or powerless, we scrunch up our bodies. When we feel powerful, we allow ourselves to stretch out and take up space. When we love ourselves, our immune system is healthier and we take better care of ourselves. 

Energy work is gentle, yet it reaches into the core energetic structure of the body. When this underlying energy system is brought into balance, it sets the stage for everything else to also come into harmony. Unhealthy holding patterns are opened up, allowing trapped energy and emotion to release, and freeing our minds and hearts to explore new, more vibrant ways of relating with ourselves and the world. When we allow ourselves to release by not resisting the flow of energy, our physical body naturally aligns with and reflects our new, improved energetic foundation. This is why energy work can be effective for all kinds of physical ailments as well as emotional trauma and self-limiting thought patterns. 

This is not to say that energy work can heal everything in one session. Each session helps to bring the energetic and physical body into more balance. Healing is a process and energy work can greatly accelerate that process if you are ready to surrender to it — releasing, receiving, and transforming.

A typical session

Using my Reiki training and ability to channel high vibration, healing energy, along with my intuitive guidance and understanding, I have developed my own way of working with and harmonizing the energy systems of my clients. My method is ever-evolving and specific to each person I work with. 

I aim to facilitate a state of deep relaxation and receptivity in my clients so they can receive the most benefit from each session. Clients are comfortable on a massage table and are fully clothed. I channel energy with gentle touch and I also use massage and pressure on certain spots that correspond to energy meridians; large pathways of energy flow through the body (acupressure). I work off of the body as well – our energetic systems extend far beyond the surface of our skin. I often use my voice to tone during a session. This is a form of sound healing - the vibrations are a powerful tool for moving and harmonizing energy. I also incorporate healing plants - aromatherapy with specific essential oils and aromatic plants for each client. For those who prefer not to be touched, I can work completely off of the body. 

Each person experiences energy work differently. Sometimes it feels cold or hot, sometimes there are tingles or wave-like sensations of energy. Sometimes muscles twitch or pulse as they release. Almost everyone experiences a release of physical and mental tension and enters a deeply relaxed place somewhere between waking and sleeping. Oftentimes clients will receive subconscious or intuitive images or insights in this peaceful, open state. Some people fall asleep. Afterwards, clients feel more relaxed, expansive and centered. The gentle opening and harmonizing affects continue after a session and can be experienced days and even weeks later.

Each session is unique and I have found this way of working to be extremely beneficial for my clients. I have witnessed them experience incredible healing on many levels. Sometimes the results even surprise me and I continue to be amazed by the power and ease of this healing modality. 

If you are curious, I encourage you to try it! I used to think energy work was some new age nonsense, but after experiencing it, I knew that something was happening on a deep level. It was beyond my comprehension and vocabulary, but I could feel the difference. For this reason, I offer discounts to new clients. Check it out – and if you aren't satisfied, I will happily refund you!


New clients:

60 minutes — $45

Series of three 60 minute sessions — $120

Regular rates:

60 minutes — $60

90 minutes — $80

Discounts available for ongoing work - just inquire.