Ignite the Power of Self-Love

for Rapid Healing and Expansion

Online Workshop
Sunday, May 15th 
11-1 pm Pacific / 2-4 pm Eastern
Cost - $35
Registration closes May 13th
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Discover the transformative power of radical self-love

Learn how self-love aligns you with the creative energy of the universe.

Be inspired by two gifted intuitive healers as they share insights from their journeys of expanding into more self-love.

Learn practical techniques and for growing your self-love, moving through resistance, and expanding into your brilliance!

Learn how to access the transformative power of love at any moment

With a guided embodiment experience, you will discover your personal key to unlock the energy of love. This will allow you to know what self-love is - beyond a mental concept - on a deeper physical & emotional level. 

You will also learn about powerful crystal allies you can work with to accelerate & enrich your self-love journey.

Receive healing and personal guidance from Spirit

Experience the healing power of Reiki energy channeled to you during the guided embodiment experience. 

And enjoy the opportunity to ask questions about your path to more self-love and receive answers channeled from a higher source. 

Find out what messages are in your "spiritual mailbox." 

Take home powerful tools to integrate more self-love into your life

You will receive a self-hypnosis meditation to transform self-limiting beliefs into self-loving beliefs and make lasting change on a subconscious level. 

You will also receive a guide to working with powerful crystal allies to infuse your inner & outer world with more love. 

Love is Incredibly Powerful

Have you ever been in love? Do you remember how amazing those first delicious days or weeks felt?
You probably experienced:
Feeling open, connected, excited, and joyful
Surrounded by beauty
In the right place at the right time ~ in alignment with the flow of the universe
Noticing that things kept working out for you, and when they didn't, they were only minor hiccups that didn't bother you
Being magnetic - people naturally drawn to your energy and delightful experiences occurring out of the blue

When we don't feel Loved, we suffer

On the other hand, have you ever experienced the heartbreak of losing love? 

You probably don't need to be reminded of how horrible it felt. Feeling unloved is extremely painful. 

What if you could never lose your most loving relationship?

What if you always felt deeply loved ~ seen, understood, and valued, just as you are ~ no matter what was happening in your life?

Now that would be TRULY REVOLUTIONARY! 

Radical Self-Love

This workshop is based on a truly radical idea: you can love yourself at least as much as you love the ones who are most precious to you - the children, animals, and special people who you feel a deep and joyful connection to. 

Not only is this kind of unconditional self-love possible, it is the most effective and pleasurable way to create the life you desire

Because the truth is - you create relationships that mirror your relationship with yourself. 

This applies to your personal relationships as well as your relationship with all of life - including health, career, finances and spiritual connection. 

Radical Self-Love is a Practice and a Process

This kind of self-love is a foreign concept to most humans. It is a huge paradigm shift.

When you decide to embark on the path of unconditional self-love, the rewards are nothing short of miraculous - every aspect of your life will shift. Incredible healing will happen. You will joyfully expand into your fullest, most authentic self

This kind of transformation takes time, effort, lots of self-compassion, and a good sense of humor so you don't take yourself too seriously. 

And, for a journey of this magnitude, we all need the support and inspiration of others who are walking their own paths of self-love.

That's where this workshop comes in! 

Ignite the Power of Self-Love

Are you ready for more love, more fulfillment, more joy? 

Register now to experience a leading-edge conversation with two intuitive healers who have seen their lives transform as they walk the path of self-love. Benefit from the wisdom and insights they have gained by learning to love themselves more, through all the ups and downs of life. 

Gain a deeper understanding of love - both mentally and physically - through teachings and a guided self-love mediation and embodiment exploration. Integrate the energy of love on a cellular level. 

Learn how to connect with the energy of love at any moment to transform areas of your life where you feel stuck and to access expanded awareness, inspiration and joy. 

Have the opportunity to ask questions and receive higher guidance to help you along your personal path to radical self-love. Learn how much you are loved by Spirit and receive the messages that are the most important for you to hear right now. 

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Meet your guides

Katie Rose

From scientist to spiritual teacher and healer ~ Katie always felt a strong desire to make a difference in the world and help in some way. She started her career as an environmental scientist. She never expected to be a healer or teacher but the path of her own healing and expansion brought her here. She is proof that with curiosity, compassion and lots of self-love, incredible transformation is possible. 

Through her personal journey of healing childhood trauma she discovered the power of self-love, which enabled her to cultivate her gifts and passions. She is now living a life full of joy, fulfillment, and inspiration, beyond anything that she had ever imagined for herself.

Being able to share her gifts and help others heal and align with love is part of her path of healing and expansion. In addition to teaching, she offers private healing and mentoring sessions that integrate her skills with energy medicine, somatic therapy & hypnotherapy. She specializes in helping sensitive souls heal patterns that are holding them back from living in their authentic joy and expanding into their gifts. 

Love is one of her favorite concepts to teach because it brings her back to her essence and nourishes her spirit. She wants everyone to know how to access love on their own, any time that they wish, because the energy of love - open, flowing, and connected - is what creates life and it is what is needed to heal humanity and create the personal and collective world we desire.

Amanda Jane Pollock

Amanda Jane is a Reiki healer and intuitive guide. Utilizing crystals and the body's deep intelligence, along with Reiki energy, she is able to access information to help her clients on their healing journeys. She loves helping people, and has many years of experience teaching children as well as supporting people with hands-on-healing, Reiki and intuitive guidance.
On her own healing Journey, Amanda found Reiki. As a new mom dealing with health issues and sleeplessness, she found Reiki to be a saving grace. After receiving Reiki on a weekly basis for 6 months, she found that a profound shift had occurred within, and she felt a deep calling to help others. 
Amanda's journey to self-love has been multifaceted and has included a lot of her own healing work. Through her journey, she has dedicated herself again and again to the most important relationship that she has - the relationship with herself.
Now, she has the deep honor of helping others heal and nourish their heart chakras. She is humbled to be able to participate in this beautiful healing work. A true lover of life, magic, and all of the beauty that exists on earth, she is ever so grateful to have found her calling in the healing arts.
Amanda has made Northern California her home and feels blessed to live amongst the Redwoods with her husband and beautiful daughter.

Feedback from some of our lovely past participants:

Claudia Johnson

"The workshop really helped things shift for me. When I arrived, I was feeling drained. But through the experience, I was able to relax, feel what I needed to feel and be connected to myself, lovingly. It's amazing all that happened in one and a half hours! It was a wonderful intimate group experience, healing and learning."

Lisa Paul

"The workshop was enlightening and full of heart. The energy and insights that were shared added so much richness and value to the experience. I learned more than I expected about myself. My main take-away was that by loving myself the flow of energy will improve and I will connect with myself and others in a more loving state of mind and body. I highly recommend attending these workshops, they are a wonderful way to begin your journey."

Mary Stack

"The workshop was fabulous!  It felt relaxed and welcoming, authentic and informative. I could tell that a lot of care and love was put into creating the experience. I can't wait to attend more of these offerings!"
I'm in!