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First, let's get something straight – even though I'm a “healer,” you are the only one who can allow healing to flow into your body and your life.

I'm here to show you how.

Private Healing Sessions

In a private healing session, you will receive an integrative approach tailored to your needs and desires. It could primarily consist of somatic (body-based) counseling, hypnotherapy, or energy healing, or it could be a combination of 2 or all of these healing modalities. 


Somatic counseling goes beyond talk therapy and integrates the mind and body. It is ideal for processing trauma (even pre-verbal trauma), chronic physical issues, strengthening body-awareness, and building resiliency in the nervous system. It is very gentle and also very deep. 

My approach to somatic counseling involves soothing your nervous system so that you can come into a calm, open, and present state. In this state, you are connected to your deep wisdom, and can more easily tap into your inner resources of love, power, joy, and creativity.

This approach is largely informed by my training in Somatic Experiencing and is also influenced by my study and practice of Western and Eastern healing modalities and my intuitive understanding.


In a typical session, we discuss issues and events from your life, but instead of these stories being the focus of our work, they are a jumping off point, or portal, into the deeper forces at play.

Working this way allows you to access what has been buried - emotions, memories, impulses, and beliefs that have been repressed and held in your body and psyche for years, and often since childhood.

I provide the support, wisdom, and sensitivity that you need to feel safe and confident enough to stay present with uncomfortable emotions and pain, so that you can discover the root of these patterns and allow them to shift and release.

I will guide you to connect with your body physical sensations, images, movement, and sound. With this gentle exploration, you can slowly tap into trauma and open up energy that has been bound, allowing it to naturally release. As this energy releases, it creates space for freedom, clarity, peace, and for a more authentic, alive, and rich experience of yourself and the world.


You will walk away with a deeper understanding of your nervous system and how to bring it into balance. You will learn how to connect to your body and become present, so you can navigate challenging situations with more ease and insight.

You will gain tools to facilitate your own healing, so that stressors in your life become opportunities for growth instead of causing emotional overwhelm or “checking out.”

Through our work together, you will shift patterns of chronic stress, anxiety and overwhelm, become more in tune with your true needs and desires, and better able to sense what is in your best interest.

In essence, you become more resilient – able to thrive no matter what life throws at you.



Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for transformation and growth because it allows access to the subconscious mind -  where the roots of unwanted life patterns as well as the underlying causes of chronic emotional and physical pain exist.

Unconscious beliefs formed in very early childhood and onward, along with the traumatic experiences that caused them to form, are stored in our subconscious.Though we are unaware of these beliefs, they can affect every aspect of our lives, keeping us stuck in unhealthy patterns and leading to physical and emotional pain.

Through hypnotherapy, we can explore and heal these self-limiting beliefs as well as address and release trauma that is stored in the psyche. In our work together, I will help you access hidden realms within your mind, and address whatever may be blocking your ability to thrive and live the life you want. I will connect you with powerful inner resources - your own inner wisdom, higher consciousness, and spiritual guidance.


In a typical session, first we will discuss what you want out of our work together - issues you are experiencing in your health or life that you would like to change and/or goals and dreams that you want to accomplish.

Next, I will guide you into a pleasantly relaxed, light trance state. In this state, you are fully awake and aware, but your mind and body are deeply relaxed, allowing access to your subconscious mind.

We will then take an interactive journey - you will explore as I gently guide and support you. You are always in control of your journey and I will ask questions and make suggestions as you experience your inner landscape.

Traveling through your subconscious mind is similar to being in a dream. Clients discover many different things on their journeys - childhood memories, emotions (grief and fear as well as joy and bliss), different body sensations, striking images and metaphors, and inner guides/archetypes are all common.

For the majority of your journey, you will be lying down or sitting comfortably. However, I will create a body-integrated experience - helping you connect what you are experiencing with your physical body, using directed awareness, self-touch, movement, and/or the use of physical props.


You will walk away with new insights and perspective on your life, a deeper connection to your inner world, and rich images and inner resources such as an inner guide/archetype who you can continue to work with throughout your life for healing and growth.



Energy work is gentle yet powerful. Because it transforms the underlying energetic foundation for our whole system - physical, emotional, and mental -  it is effective for all kinds of physical ailments, as well as emotional trauma and self-limiting thought patterns.

Energy is the basis for all things. Both science and ancient spiritual wisdom tell us this. What we see in physical form is a manifestation of sub-atomic particles of energy, vibrating in different patterns. We, ourselves, are no exception.

Our energetic foundation can be experienced in the form of thoughts, emotions, and the electrical signals our body uses to function. Energy moves at the speed of light - it is light! And therefore can change very quickly, just like your thoughts, emotions, and the speed at which your hand moves to pick up an object. You don't have to think about how to move each muscle, it just happens effortlessly.

Energy work is gentle, yet it reaches into the core energetic structure of the body. When this underlying energy system is brought into balance, it sets the stage for everything else to also come into harmony. Unhealthy holding patterns are opened up, allowing trapped energy and emotion to release. When we allow ourselves to release by not resisting the flow of energy, our physical body naturally aligns with and reflects our new, improved energetic foundation.

Each session helps to bring the energetic and physical body into more balance. For those who are ready to dive deep into their process - releasing, receiving, and transforming - energy work can greatly accelerate healing and expansion. 

Using my Reiki training and ability to channel high vibration, healing energy, along with my intuitive guidance and understanding, I have developed my own way of working with and harmonizing the energy systems of my clients. My method is ever-evolving and specific to each person I work with. 


In a typical in-person session, you are comfortable and fully clothed, laying on a massage table. I guide you into a relaxed state so that you can receive the most benefit from the work. I then channel high vibrational, healing energy with gentle touch.

I may incorporate gentle massage and acupressure (gentle pressure on certain spots that correspond to energy meridians. I also work off the body as our energetic systems extend far beyond the surface of our skin. For those who prefer not to be touched, I can work completely off the body.

I also use my voice to tone while working. This is a form of sound healing - the vibrations are a powerful tool for moving and harmonizing energy. Each person experiences energy work differently. You may experience temperature changes, tingles, wave-like sensations, muscle twitches or pulses. 

You will experience a release of physical and mental tension and most people enter a deeply relaxed place somewhere between waking and sleeping. You may even fall asleep. 

You may receive subconscious or intuitive images or insights in this peaceful, open state.


You will walk away feeling more relaxed, expansive, and centered.

The gentle opening and harmonizing affects continue after a session and can be experienced days and even weeks later. Sometimes, the effects are very obvious and incredible physical and emotional healing take place. Other times, the effects are more subtle and may take time to fully reveal themselves. 

“Katie helped me find my inner calm in our first healing session. Learning, through her guidance, to listen and check in with my own body has been an enlightening and uplifting experience!


After a couple sessions, I have already received a handful of tools I use in my daily life and it is clear that there is so much more to learn from her and myself.


I really appreciate her calm nature, kindness, and the space she creates of zero judgement or pressure. We all need a Katie in our lives!”

 - Reily Hall

My Vision for You

Knowing, not just intellectually, but at a body level – at a nervous system level – that you are safe. That traumatic experiences from your past do not need to continue to impact how you feel in the world.

And you are free now to be more alive than you have ever been before.

Understanding that anxiety and depression are patterns of energy that you inherited from others, and that you have the ability to shift them and create new patterns that serve you.

Feeling truly at home in your body and trusting your body's impulses and wisdom.

Allowing yourself to feel all of your emotions, confident that you won't be overwhelmed, because you know how to bring yourself into a calm, present state.

Seeing yourself clearly – how much work you've already put in, how far you've come, and the deep wisdom you possess. 

Confident that you can find your way through any obstacles or twists and turns of life, learn from them, and enjoy the ride.

“Working with Katie was a life-transforming experience for me. When I first came to her, I had just been diagnosed with cancer and had a lot of previous life trauma. I was desperate for a compassionate, patient, and knowledgable guide to help me on my mental and physical healing journey.


I found all of those traits and more in Katie. Her calm and reassuring presence was comforting and helped me open up to things I never knew I had locked away.


I was so surprised that even though we dug through a lot of trauma and heavy buried emotions together, I felt incredible after each session! Each time, I had had a major breakthrough, which left me feeling lighter, clearer, and better able to integrate my experience.


I learned to pay attention to my body's signals and to stay present with my emotions. I now know how to calm my anxiety and stress levels and I can handle difficult situations with a calmer and clearer mindset. I was also delighted, through hypnotherapy, to connect with my inner child and incorporate her into my daily life which has been extremely healing.


I highly recommend Katie to anyone who is looking for a caring and supportive guide to help them learn how to be present and connect with their body, process life trauma, and investigate their feelings so they can experience a more peaceful life." 


- Audrea Filbey

Healing Session 





60-90 minutes

Package of  4 Healing Sessions

$440  ($110 each) 


payment plan available

60-90 minutes

Package of 8 Healing Sessions

$720    ($90 each)


payment plan available

60-90 minutes

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"I have been to many healers and alternative health practitioners before and have never experienced as a dramatic shift as I did in my session with Katie. 

A few days before our session I injured my leg and had sciatic pain so bad it was affecting my sleep at night. During our session, a shift happened and my pain went completely away! I went from pain on a scale level of 8 to a 0! The pain did not return either.

Katie is a very gentle yet powerful healer. I highly believe that before any healing can take place, one must feel safe. Katie has a natural ability to make you feel both safe and seen and gives warm and gentle encouragement throughout. I highly recommend seeing her for any physical or emotional concern!"

- Olivia Davis

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