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Online Workshop Series

June 9, 16 & 23

6-7:30 pm PT

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Pleasure feels good.

And it is good for us!

It improves our physical, emotional, and mental health. 


Humans are wired to receive immense amounts of pleasure. We have the capacity to feel amazing every day!

Yet for most of us, pleasure is hard to access and even harder to maintain for longer than a few moments.

Does this sound familiar - you work really hard to achieve something - your dream job, partner, promotion, new car, etc.

And then, when you finally get what you want, you feel joy and pleasure for a second and then...POOF! It disappears before you can really enjoy it?

And instead you are left feeling vaugely disappointed?

If this has happened to you, you aren't alone! This is a common human experience.


We can only experience what we are able to open up to and receive.


This applies to pleasure, as well as all of the good experiences we desire - love, freedom, abundance, joy...

And most of us humans are really bad at receiving what we truly desire.

We aren't taught how to focus on what feels good and soak up those good feelings.

If anything, we are trained to dwell in unpleasant thoughts and feelings, and to not trust or value feelings of pleasure. 

We may have gotten the message that pleasure is a waste of time, or that we should feel guilty when we enjoy something.

We may even believe (consciously or unconsciously) that we don't deserve to feel good or we need to “earn” the right to be happy.

How does this happen?

Due to the stress of living in a fast-paced, traumatized culture, as well as our personal past trauma and the values and beliefs we took on as children from our parents/caregivers, we learn to disconnect from our internal guidance system - our emotions and our bodies - and end up living mostly in our minds. 

And the mind cannot feel pleasure. It is like a computer – it analyzes and processes information. It does not feel anything.

In order to feel good - really good – not just the surface level “I'm good” default reply we give when someone asks us how we're doing, we need to be able to feel what's going on below our neck – to notice the subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes in the way our body feels. This is where we feel our emotions.

This is our true guidance system!

When we live mostly in our minds, we are unable to feel much pleasure.


Instead of being able to enjoy our lives, we are busy listening to the chatter of our mind, which is always encouraging (or demanding) us to chase the next thing that it thinks will make us happy.

So we end up obsessively trying to control our external world in the hopes that if we make it "just so," we will be able to feel better inside and finally be happy.

But until we address the underlying issue - learning to actually receive and feel good period, we won't ever be able to truly enjoy our human experience. We will continue to run ourselves ragged on the hamster wheel to the next best thing that will "make" us happy.

And we will continue to feel horrible when things don't work out the way our mind tells us they are "supposed to." 

When we step off the hamster wheel & start reconnecting with ourselves - discovering how we actually feel & what brings us pleasure, then we can learn to feel good - no matter what


We are then able to enjoy life on a deeper and deeper level - and this changes everything! Our health, our relationships, our whole life is infused with well-being.

Unhealthy patterns of addiction, co-dependance, and "numbing out" will fall away, because instead of reaching outside of ourselves in order to feel better, we can always access an infinite source - a bottomless well - of wellbeing.

 And we are able to navigate life from a place of clarity and connection because our inner guidance system is on-line!

In this workshop series, you will learn how to receive more deeply. 


You will expand your capacity to live in pleasure.


You will learn how to allow pleasure to nourish you & guide you to your most satisfying life.


Our Pleasure Portal Roadmap


Workshop 1 – Priming Your System for Pleasure

  • Learn how to get out of your mind and become present in your body. 
  • Get to know your nervous system. Learn how to bring yourself into a calm, present, regulated state so you can easily tap into positive feelings.
  • Explore how pleasure feels in your body and expand your capacity to receive. 


 Workshop 2  – Becoming a Pleasure-Treasure Hunter

  • Expand your awareness of what brings you pleasure.
  • Explore your pathways to pleasure and find the ones that work best for you. 
  • Learn how to open up to and connect with pleasure as a moment-to-moment practice.


Workshop 3 – Rewiring Your Brain for Pleasure

  • Discover how your thoughts affect your ability to receive pleasure.
  • Learn how to use the power of your mind to shift from resistance to receptivity and magnify your pleasure. 
  • Connect with your inner guidance system through pleasure.

The Pleasure Portal Includes:

  • Three Live 90 Minute Workshops
  • Three Downloadable Guided Meditations
  • A Pleasure Portal Workbook
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Embodiment & Pleasure Practice Exercises
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Meet your guide

Hi, I'm Katie. I have been a healing arts practitioner since 2018. I facilitate my clients' healing and growth with diverse knowledge, experience, training, and intuitive guidance. I bring together many different perspectives; Eastern and Western, scientific and spiritual, modern and ancient.

All the knowledge and practices I share with my clients I have found to be personally transformative, because while I am a dedicated student and seeker of information, I believe that the most valuable insight is gained through direct experience and connection with our own bodies, emotions, and inner knowing.

I am living proof that incredible transformation is possible, and actually inevitable once we set the intention for healing and growth. I entered adulthood with a legacy of childhood trauma that caused me to close myself off from the world and become disconnected from my body, my feelings, and my power. I knew I wanted more from life, and at the age of 30, I embarked upon an intensive healing journey.

Through yoga, meditation, plant medicine, somatic therapy, self-hypnosis, shamanic practices, energy healing, and lots of time in nature and cuddling with my dog, I reconnected with my essence, and came to more fully embody my authentic self.

After 7 years, I felt called to help others along their own healing path. I completed a yoga teacher training, became a Reiki Master and Alchemical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and trained in the body-based trauma release therapy Somatic Experiencing.

In 2021 I expanded my offerings to include online courses. I found that I truly enjoy teaching online, and I am excited to embark on this new Pleasure Portal journey!

Connecting with pleasure has been one of the most powerful and essential practices that has fueled my healing and transformation, and it is what makes my life juicy and vibrant.

I love helping people reconnect with their bodies and their pleasure, and I believe that reclaiming pleasure as vital medicine is essential for health of humanity and the health of the planet. 

Feedback from Katie's last Course: 

Lindsey Stratton


"Katie is an amazing healer! Her wisdom on regulating the nervous system is a life-unlock! It's from this space of groundedness that I began to feel more aligned with my true desires and potential.

Through her teachings, I learned to regulate my nervous system, listen to my inner guidance, and to live a life of more joy and playfulness! 

After each group session, I felt deeply witnessed, connected to the other people in the group, and to myself - my joy, self-love, and inner wisdom.

I learned so much throughout the course, and Katie's teaching style of guided somatic healing and explorative, expansive practices helped me build "body memory", so I could access the wisdom of what she taught us after the class finished."

Ash Ross

"Katie has helped me to have a more solid connection with my true self through simple daily practices that have profound effects.  
After taking her course, I find myself looking forward to meditating, and finding it easier since I now have more tools in my kit to become grounded and clear.  
Many of the exercises in the course felt truly groundbreaking to me, and an integral step in my healing journey.  
I am now able to more easily connect with my higher self, be clear in my intuitive senses and to break out of unhealthy mind-habits.
I recommend Katie to anyone who seeks to have more clarity in their life and wants to have fun while learning to do so!"  

Carissa Clark


"Katie invites you inward in a generous, humble, and gentle way. She guides you to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Since taking Katie's course, I’ve definitely been a lot easier on myself and more sensitive to my inner guidance.

I've been situating pleasure as foundational to my purpose/life goals more and I've been taking more time for myself. The concepts she introduced have helped me reframe things in healthier terms.

After each group session, I felt grateful and more gentle with myself and with everyone else.

Through the experience, I learned that everything I need is within myself, and the tools for healing are by and large states of mind and embodied exercises."

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