The Thriving Path


8 Week Group Mentoring 

 Transformational Journey

beginning December 16, 2021

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Are you sensitive to others' emotions? Do you often get overwhelmed in social situations? Is it easy for you to feel the suffering of others and even the suffering of the world?

If so, you are probably an empath or highly sensitive person. And you are often more conscious of other people's emotions than your own.

You have extraordinary powers of perception and connection, but when you are unaware of how you are using your sensitivities, you can get caught in unhealthy patterns.

Because you are often focusing on the energy of others, you can easily disconnect from your own body, emotions, and internal experience.

This cuts you off from the inner guidance you need to thrive and, over time, can cause serious relationship and health issues. 

Being disconnected from your inner wisdom can make life seem dull and confusing.

However, once you become aware of the patterns that are holding you back, they will shift.

Everything changes when you learn to focus your loving attention on yourself instead of being preoccupied with how others are feeling. 

You can embrace your sensitive nature and direct your compassion, love, and nurturing to yourself as well as others. 

You can step into your power and your pleasure, and turn your sensitivities into superpowers!

  • You will use your powerful inner knowing to help you navigate life with ease.
  • You will be drawn to the relationships, opportunities, and experiences that are the most nourishing for you.
  • You will realize that you have a unique perspective and deep connection with all of life, and your voice is valuable and needed, especially right now.
  • You will heal, embody your authentic self, and inspire those around you.

On The Thriving Path, you will be guided to reconnect and recalibrate your personal guidance system.

You will:

  • Learn how to clear away whatever may be blocking you from receiving the love, clarity, joy, vitality, abundance, and purpose you desire.
  • Receive the tools to access your deep well of inner wisdom and to clearly sense what is – and isn't – in your best interest.
  • Be able to stay centered and grounded, and in alignment with your truth, no matter what is going on around you.
  • Gain a deeper trust in yourself and in your ability to co-create with the universe. 

If you are a sensitive person who has not yet learned how to direct your perceptive powers, you are probably experiencing some or all of these patterns:

  • You lose track of your own desires and needs in intimate relationships.
  • You over-give, become burnt out, and end up resenting those who you care for the most.
  • It is difficult for you to move forward in life; you aren't sure what you really want, you over-analyze, and often make decisions out of fear or obligation.
  • Instead of expressing your full self, you keep quiet in order to keep the peace.
  • You get stuck in despair. Painful events from your past, the suffering of others, and even the pain of the planet weighs on you.
  • It is difficult for you to access your true essence – the playful, open, and childlike state where your creative genius lives.
  • You often feel lonely, stuck, dissatisfied, bored, frustrated, anxious, depressed, and/or drained. 

In this group mentoring journey, your ability to shift unhealthy patterns and

THRIVE will be taken to the next level through:

  • Somatic explorations and exercises to awaken the wisdom of your body
  • Guided inner journeys to heal wounds and connect with inner resources
  • Self-hypnosis recordings to create change on a subconscious level
  • Techniques for accessing and releasing buried emotions
  • Recorded guided meditations that you can use daily to calm your mind and relax your body
  • Journalling prompts to integrate and deepen your shifts in consciousness
  • Techniques for regulating your nervous system
  • A supportive and healing space for you to dive into your inner world

Group Mentoring Format:

  • Each session will include teachings, guided experiential exercises, and time for Q & A.  
  • There will be opportunities to connect with other participants via group discussions and breakout rooms.
  •  You will receive supplemental materials such as guided meditations, self-hypnosis recordings and writing prompts to help you integrate the material into your everyday life. 
  • This experience will be uniquely tailored to support those who choose to participate. While certain topics have been planned, it will be flexible enough to incorporate intuitive guidance and address the unique needs and desires of the group. 

We will play and explore in the following realms:

    • Embodiment – coming home to your body and trusting its wisdom
    • Cultivating joy and pleasure
    • Getting to know your nervous system – staying present, open and grounded and not getting stuck in anxiety, depression, or disassociation
    • Receptivity – how to receive all that you desire, including healing energy, abundance, and intuitive information
    • Cultivating self love
    • Connecting with your inner child for healing and fun
    • Re-parenting yourself
    • The energy and wisdom of emotions
    • Energetic awareness and working with your own energy to manifest your desires
    • Having healthy boundaries in relationship
    • Getting out of your head and into the present moment
    • Connecting with your voice and speaking your truth
    • Developing and trusting your intuition

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Katie. I have been a healing arts practitioner since 2018. I facilitate my clients' healing and growth with diverse knowledge, experience, training, and intuitive guidance. I bring together many different perspectives; Eastern and Western, scientific and spiritual, modern and ancient.

All the knowledge and practices I share with my clients I have found to be personally transformative, because while I am a dedicated student and seeker of information, I believe that the most valuable insight is gained through direct experience and connection with our own bodies, emotions, and inner knowing.

I am living proof that incredible transformation is possible, and actually inevitable once we set the intention for healing and growth. I entered adulthood with a legacy of childhood trauma that caused me to close myself off from the world and become disconnected from my body, my feelings, and my power. I knew I wanted more from life, and at the age of 30, I embarked upon an intensive healing journey.

Through yoga, meditation, plant medicine, somatic therapy, self-hypnosis, shamanic practices, energy healing, and lots of time in nature and cuddling with my dog, I reconnected with my essence, and came to more fully embody my authentic self.

After 7 years, I felt called to help others along their own healing path. I completed a yoga teacher training, became a Reiki Master and Alchemical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and trained in the body-based trauma release therapy Somatic Experiencing.

As I continue to walk my own thriving path, the more fun I have! Life has become more easeful, enjoyable and fulfilling. The creative juices are flowing, and I am excited to take this next step, expand my professional offerings, and share what I have learned with all of you! I love helping other empathetic, sensitive, and intuitive souls (like myself), reconnect with their bodies, their intuition, and their higher guidance to transform their sensitivities into superpowers and create a life that is deeply nourishing, joyful and abundant. 

If you feel called to join me on the Thriving Path, I am honored to co-create this special journey with you! I am very grateful to be able to support a wider community and to be supported in my work by those who find it valuable. It is so beautiful that we can all learn and grow together!

The Thriving Path is a distillation of over a decade of experience and knowledge Katie has found helpful on her own journey of healing and growth. In it, she will weave together elements of somatic (body-based) therapy, meditation and mindfulness, hypnotherapy, shamanic and intuitive practices, and techniques for working with energy.

It is designed to meet you wherever you are on your journey and provide tools and inspiration to help you expand more fully into your authentic self. With compassion, creativity, and joy, you will be guided to connect deeply with yourself and participate in experiential processes that will accelerate you along your unique path of vibrant wellbeing. 

Client Testimonials


"Working with Katie was so opening for me! In her mentorship, I was able to access states, wisdom, and visualizations I never expected. Her way of teaching and guiding feels so effortless and provides a doorway to incredible healing in a very joyful way! Each of our sessions was grounded, rich, and informative. Her style of teaching opened up any blocks I had in the process and made what I learned easy for me to integrate. After our sessions I always felt inspired and had all kinds of energy swirling around me. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future!"
     -Timolin Mahan


“Katie helped me find my inner calm in our first counseling session. Learning, through her guidance, to listen and check in with my own body has been an enlightening and uplifting experience! After a few sessions, I have already received a handful of tools I use in my daily life and it is clear that there is so much more to learn from her and myself. I really appreciate her calm nature, kindness, and the space she creates of zero judgement or pressure. We all need a Katie in our lives!”
             - Reily Hall
“Katie is an amazing healer. She has helped me calm my mind greatly and the effect can be felt even days after our session. I’m so blessed to have found Katie and cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is looking to rid their body of toxic energy.”
            - Heather Rubiales
“My healing session with Katie was soothing and invigorating. I felt completely held, and I could feel her clearing stagnant energy, such as pain, past traumas and gut issues from my body. After, I felt totally relaxed. The night after my session I dreamt of clearing out an old college dorm room filled with things I used to own. It was incredibly therapeutic and utterly synchronistic. ”
             - Emma Rea
“Katie knows energy well, and moves it in ways that feel both powerful and nurturing. During my sessions with her I drop into a place that is rarely accessed, and afterward I can tell the difference in how energy is flowing through my body. I can also tell that she cares deeply about guiding me to a higher level of vibration, my best self. I would recommend Katie in a heartbeat if you’re looking for powerful and healing transformation.”
             - Ashley Ross
“My session was a magical experience. Katie is an inspirational embodiment of vibrancy. With quiet confidence she gently guides you into a deeply meditative state that allows the power of her intuitive medicine to be fully received. The depth of her care, expertise in her craft and genuine kindness can be clearly felt as she works. I left feeling lighter, more grounded and deeply nourished. I’m already looking forward to my next session.”
             - Nina Transue
“I highly recommend Katie as an energy work practitioner. She is a kind, gentle, warm-hearted woman with a gift for healing. I always feel safe with her and I come away feeling so much better. Before I saw her, I had low back pain that made it difficult to walk. After our session, the pain was 90% gone! I felt so uplifted! Thank you, Katie!”
             - Marlena Kogel

The Details:

  • The Thriving Path begins December 16, 2021. The last session is January 27, 2022.
  • Sessions will be held live on Zoom, Thursday evenings, 6:30-8 PST
  • All sessions will be recorded, so no problem if you can't come live. 
  • Participants will receive downloadable guided meditations, self-hypnosis recordings and other supplemental materials that they can keep and use forever. 
  • The cost is $344
  • A payment plan is available.

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