Hi, I’m Katie


I am devoted to living a vibrant life, full of fun, wonder, and deep connection. And I am honored and delighted to support you as you heal, grow, and choose to live life as your own adventure!

My life hasn’t always been this much fun, and in fact, 10 years ago I never would have imagined that I’d have a career in the healing arts, especially not doing energy work and body-based therapy. 

Like most of us, I grew up entrusting my health and wellbeing to authoritative “experts” instead of trusting my own feelings and intuitive knowing. And also, like most of us, I coped with childhood trauma by disconnecting from my feelings and living mostly in my head.

This way of being is encouraged by our culture. Growing up, I was never taught about the intrinsic connection between mind and body. Using the brain – trying hard to “figure things out,” was valued above all other ways of understanding the world. Intuition and receiving insight and information in other ways was ignored and even ridiculed.

I had no concept of energy medicine or body-based therapy, and when I was introduced to these concepts as a young adult, I was highly skeptical and dismissive. But I was lucky enough to discover yoga at age 16 and it changed my life forever. At the time, I didn’t realize the deeper benefits I was getting from practicing yoga - all I knew was that it made me feel good. 

I continued to practice yoga throughout college, where I earned a B.S. in Environmental Policy from UC Davis. Soon after, I got a job I really wanted - working for the State of California at an environmental agency in Sacramento. I learned a lot at that job; most importantly, I found out that I didn’t actually want it. I wasn’t satisfied and didn’t feel like my work was making a difference in the world. So, I took a leap of faith that propelled me on a path I had never imagined. I quit my cushy state job to do….nothing. 

I had no new job lined up. I just wanted some time, for the first time I could remember, to have my days to myself. No school, no work. Just some room to breathe and rest and do whatever else I truly wanted to do. This took a lot of courage and trust. At times I was scared sh*tless. But deep down, I knew I would be alright. 

And that’s when my life began to transform into something completely different and wonderful. I moved North - to the magical beauty of Humboldt County. And, to my surprise, was generously supported by loving people in my life for many years, allowing me to focus on my interests instead of trying to make money. Having so much free time was a revelation. I started getting to know myself. I started enjoying life more than I ever had before. And I started healing myself. 

I became aware of deeply held tension in my body that corresponded to an underlying sense of anxiety. I realized how hard it was for me to truly relax. This discovery launched me onto a new, exciting path and I focused much of my time and energy learning about different healing modalities and directly experiencing them. I started meditating along with my daily yoga practice. I incorporated self-hypnosis (which is really just self-guided meditation) and medicinal plants into my daily life along with plenty of time walking in the redwood forest. 

And then energy work came into my life. A visiting friend who also happened to be a Reiki Master told me she wanted to attune me to the first level of Reiki (According to the Reiki tradition, in order to channel this type of energy, a student must be attuned by a Master). I had no idea what she was talking about but I thought “Sure, why not?” So she attuned me and gave me a booklet about Reiki. While I had my doubts, my healing experiences thus far had opened my mind to different ways of perceiving the world. The first time I tried giving myself Reiki I became so relaxed that I fell asleep sitting up (which was quite unusual for me). 

I continued to practice reiki on myself (and my dog!) and devote myself to inner work, and gradually the layers of tension, buried emotions, fear-based beliefs, and self-limiting thought patterns began to shift and release. I started developing trust in my intuition and connection to spirit/god/the universe. And life kept getting better and better. 

After 6 years of intensive self-guided healing (with help from many teachers), I was a completely different person. My love for life and myself was more real and ever-expanding than it had ever been. I felt so good that I wanted to help others experience their own healing transformation. So, In 2018 I completed a yoga teacher training program and received my Reiki Master training and attunement. That same year, I began practicing professionally at the Arcata Healing Arts Center. 

And, it just keeps getting better! I am having a blast sharing my gifts with others. I am extremely grateful to be where I am right now. And I am excited to see what will unfold!