Living vibrantly is your birthright. The vibrant way is the path of aliveness that leads you to the fullest expression of your authentic self. It is a path of love, wonder and delight, guided by your deepest desires and knowing. 

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Hi, I'm Katie.

I help people connect with their personal guidance system

~ their body, inner knowing, and higher consciousness ~

so they can navigate life with ease, confidence, clarity, and creative power


"What stands out to me about Katie as a practitioner & teacher is that she has a gift for connecting you to your innate wisdom.


Her approach is disarming and has helped me to uncover resistances I didn't even know were there, enabling me to connect more deeply with my body wisdom and to receive healing energy openly.


Katie is grounded, patient, skilled, incredibly kind and compassionate." 


- Heather O'Connell 


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“Katie knows energy well, and moves it in ways that feel both powerful and nurturing.


During my sessions with her I drop into a place that is rarely accessed, and afterward I can tell the difference in how energy is flowing through my body. I can also tell that she cares deeply about guiding me to a higher level of vibration, my best self.


I would recommend Katie in a heartbeat if you’re looking for powerful and healing transformation.”


- Ashley Ross

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