Yoga for Every Body


Private Yoga Sessions

All private yoga sessions begin with a free initial consultation. During the consultation we will discuss your experience with yoga, your health, and your goals for the practice.

Standard Sessions

Are you new to yoga? Interested in starting or refining a personal practice? Do you want individualized guidance and someone to help you stay motivated and mindful?

If so, a standard session may be perfect for you! In these sessions I will guide you through yoga poses and sequences, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. We will focus on body and breath awareness, optimal alignment for your body, building strength and/or flexibility and enhancing your overall health.

Integrative Sessions

Do you want to expand your well-being on all levels? Release patterns that are holding you back and feel free and open to receive all that life has to offer?

If you want to go deeper, integrative yoga sessions can facilitate profound healing on both a physical and emotional level.

With movement, breath, curiosity, conversation, and guided meditation, we will gently explore your inner landscape and how it relates to your body. This wholistic approach allows the space for you to release trapped emotions and harmful thought patterns and beliefs, ultimately gaining insight, transformation, and a deeper connection to your own power and intuitive wisdom. 


New clients:

60 minutes — $45

Series of three 60 minute sessions — $120

Regular rates:

60 minutes — $60

90 minutes — $80

Discounts available for ongoing work - just inquire.